Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Timor-Leste Olympics team sensitised about Zika Virus ahead of the games

A delegation of 13 people from Timor-Leaste readies to travel to Rio de Janerio, Brazil to represent and participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016 (5 August to 18 September 2016). It is well known that the Brazil has been affected by the Zika virus outbreak.  However, WHO is providing public health advice to the Government of Brazil and the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, on ways to further mitigate the risk of athletes and visitors contracting Zika virus during the Games. Being mindful of this WHO Country Office for Timor-Leste and the Ministry of Health (MoH) made conducted a sensitisation briefing on Zika and especially, how the Timorese Olympic contingent can protect themselves from Zika virus infection. The orientation was a collaborative effort of the MoH, WHO and National Olympic Commission that was represented by Mateus da Costa.

The delegation found the information very useful and felt reassured about travelling to Rio to represent their country. “I knew about the virus and its spread but I did not proactively seek more information. Today’s orientation on Zika has equipped me better to guard myself against Zika virus,” said Anche Cabral, who will be representing Timor-Leste in mountain cycling category. 

Ekipa Olimpiku Timor-Leste hetan sensibilizasaun konaba Virus Zika molok partisipa iha jogu

Delegasaun husi Timor ona nain 13 prontu atu aranka ba Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hodi representa no participa iha Jogu Olimpiku no Paralimpiku Rio 2016 (5 de Agusto to’o 18 de Setembru de 2016). Brazil hanesan país ida ne’ebe afeitadu husi surto virus Zika. Mesmu nune’e, OMS fo informasaun saude publiku ba Governu Brazil no Komisaun Organizadora Rio 2016, konaba dalan oinsa hamenus risku husi atletismo sira no visitante sira atu labele hetan virus Zika durante Jogus. OMS iha Timor Leste hamutuk ho Ministerio da Saude (MdS) halao ona sensibilizasaun konaba Zika no liu-liu oinsa ekipa olimpiku Timor oan sira bele proteje sira nia an rasik husi infeksaun moras Zika. Orientasaun ne’e hetan kolaborasaun husi MdS, OMS no Komisaun Olimpiku Nasional ne’ebe representa husi Sr. Mateus da Costa.

Delegadu sira hare katak informasaun ne’e importante tebes no sai asegura liu tan konaba viajen ba Rio hodi representa sira nia nasaun rasik. “Hau hatene konaba virus ne’e no oinsa nia bele daet maibe hau la sai ativu hodi buka informasaun liu tan. Orientasaun ohin loron inan konaba Zika halao hau sai preparadu liu tan atu seguru hau nia an hasoru virus Zika. “hatatn Anche Cabral, atleta siklista montanha husi Timor-Leste.

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