Wednesday, September 16, 2015

From the Fifth and Last Day Session... 11 September 2015

Field visits to health facilities
Adoption of resolutions
Adoption of the report of the Sixty-eighth Session of the Regional Committee
Resolutions Adopted at this 68th Session of the WHO Regional Committee for South-East Asia:
Adoption of the
Photographs from this event can be accessed through:…/azxfzp…/AABCERJpzmJ4Q1VXxCt1Ialia…
WHO Regional Committee 68

(*) the final RC68 Report will soon be available at:…/en/

From the Fourth Day Session... 10 September 2015

Technical Discussions
- Consideration of the recommendations on strengthening community-based health-care services
- Selection of a subject for the Technical Discussions to be held prior to the Sixty-ninth session of the Regional Committee
Governing body matters
- Key issues arising out of the Sixty-eighth World Health Assembly and the 136th and 137th sessions of the WHO Executive Board
- Review of the Draft Provisional Agenda of the 138th session of the WHO Executive Board
- Review of Regional Committee resolutions
- Elective posts for governing body meetings
Management and governance matters
- Status of SEA Regional Office building
Special Programmes
- UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases: Joint Coordinating Board (JCB) – Report on attendance at JCB in 2015
- UNDP/UNFPA/UNICEF/WHO/World Bank Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction (HRP): Policy and Coordination Committee (PCC) – Report on attendance at PCC in 2015 and nomination of a member in place of Maldives whose term expires on 31 December 2015
- Time and place of future sessions of the Regional Committee
Side event*: GAVI Session
A Side event (parallel session) on GAVI will be held during lunch time (12:30 -1:30 pm)


Next year, the 69th Session of the WHO Regional Committee for South-East Asia will be held in Sri Lanka.
In 2017, The 70th Session will be in Maldives.
- WHO TDR Implementation research toolkit
The toolkit is designed to aid the understanding of implementation research - a type of research conducted in real life settings with a view to scaling up interventions and improving access to them. There are 6 core modules to identify bottlenecks and barriers, engage stakeholders, formulate appropriate research questions, manage data collection, disseminate findings and conduct monitoring and evaluation. It is available as a workbook, with a facilitators’ guide and slides for teaching.
The video and toolkit were produced by TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, a co-sponsored programme of UNICEF, UNDP, the World Bank and the World Health Organization (where it is based). Full information on the toolkit is available here:
- The response to the 2015 Nepal earthquakes: the value of preparedness
Thanks to the preparations Nepal’s government had made with support from WHO and its partners, when the earthquake struck on 25 April, health services kept functioning in many areas that had been affected. But the country still has great needs – including facing the threat of communicable disease outbreaks and avalanches – and requires continued international support.

Directorate of Ethics and Quality Control Ministry Of Health RDTL

From the Second Day Session... 8 September 2015

Credentials of Representatives
Programme Budget Matters
Programme Budget 2014-2015 - Implementation and mid-term review
Programme Budget 2016-2017
Strategic budget space allocation
WHO reform
Programmatic reform - focus on results
Management reform - internal control framework
Ministerial Round Table
Strengthening health workforce in South-East Asia Region in order to expand delivery of effective services
WHO reform ...Contd
Governance reform
Framework of engagement with non-State actors
Policy and technical topics
Response to emergencies and outbreaks
Antimicrobial resistance
Selected neglected tropical diseases targeted for elimination: kala-azar, leprosy, yaws, filariasis and schistosomiasis

Please click at the link below:…/en/
Programme Budget Matters (item 6; 6.1; 6.2; 6.3)
WHO reform (item 7; 7.1; 7.2)
World Health Organization

From the First Day Session... 7 September 2015

Opening of the Session
Election of office-bearers
Adoption of the Agenda
Key addresses and report on the work of WHO
Introduction to the Regional Director’s Annual Report on the Work of WHO in the South-East Asia Region covering the period 1 January – 31 December 2014
Address by the Director-General – to be read by Dr Hans Troedsson, SDG
Ministerial Round Table
Accelerating Implementation of WHO FCTC in SEAR
Info from media:
Países do sudeste asiático acordam endurecer medidas para reduzir consumo do tabaco
(in Portuguese)
SE Asian health ministers sign anti-tobacco declaration
(in English)

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Komité Rejionál Organizasaun Mundiál Saúde (WHO-SEARO) nia Sesaun ba da-68, iha Díli Loron 7 too loron 11 fulan Setembru 2015

 Timor-Leste nudar palku ba Komité Rejionál Organizasaun Mundiál Saúde ba Rejiaun Sudeste Aziátiku (WHO-SEARO) nia Sesaun ba da-68, ne’ebé marka prezensa husi Ministru Saúde Bangladexe, Butaun, Repúblika Populár Demokrátika Koreia, Indonézia, Maldivas, Nepál no Srilanka nian, mós Reprezentante sira husi Ministru Saúde Índia, Myanmar no Tailándia nian, Reprezentante sira husi Diretora-Jerál husi WHO nian ne’ebé mai husi Sede Prinsipál iha Jenebra, Suísa no Diretora Rejionál WHO-SEARO nian. 
 Eventu ne’e konta ho partisipasaun besik delegadu 200 ne’ebé mai husi Estadu Membru sira husi WHO-SEARO nian. Serimónia Inaugurál ne’ebé prezide husi Sua Exa. Primeiru-Ministru, Dr. Rui Maria de Araújo, hala’o horseik, loron 7 fulan Setembru 2015, iha Sentru Konvensaun Díli (CCD) husi tuku 9 to’o tuku 12.30 dader. 
Sesaun Servisu nian ba dahuluk, hahú iha tuku 1.30 to’o tuku 5.00 lorokraik, loron 7 fulan Setembru 2015, iha Salaun Nobre Ministériu Negósiu Estranjeiru no Kooperasaun (MNEC), ne’ebé lidera husi Sua Exa. Ministra Saúde, Dra. Maria do Céu Sarmento Pina da Costa. Sesaun sira seluk sei hala’o iha MNEC, husi loron 8 to’o loron 11 fulan Setembru 2015
Timor-Leste maka sai hanesan uma na’in iha sorumutuk Nível-Aas ne’e, ba dala uluk, no husi sorumutuk ne’e maka sei hamosu kompromisu prioritáriu hirak ne’ebé foun kona-ba Polítika Saúde nian ba rejiaun. -

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Diretores husi Ministeriu saude halao sorumutu konaba Parseiru seitores privadu Public Private Partnership

Sorumutu iha ministeriu saude foto carinton salazar
Palacio das Cinzas Ministra saude dra. Maria do Ceu Sarmento halao abertura ba workshop parseirus seitores privadu PPP durante loron ida 29/06/15.

marka prejensa iha sorumutu nee mak, diretores nasionais ministeriu saude, diretores municipius, diretores husi SAMES, INS, Labnas, Diretores Ospitais referensias, Xefes departamentus, Official husi ministeriu finansas, peritus husi Banku mundial nomos sel-seluktan.

Ministra saude iha ninia intervensaun hateten ida nee hanesan sorumutu ida nebe importante tebes tamba bele dezamina informasaun ba diretores sira hodi nunee sira bele apar diak liutan konaba PPP nee rasik.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Press Release

Vice Ministra halao Inkontru ho Embasador Australia
ba timor leste ho ninia komitiva
Dili, Palacio das Cinzas 16 Junho 2015. Ministériu saúde liu husi Sua Excelência Vice Ministra Saúde DR. Ana Isabel hetan vijita kortegia husi delegasaun Embaixadór Australia ba Timor leste hodi deskute konaba pakote servisu saude nebe durante nee ministeriu hetan husi Governu Australia ba povu Timor leste liu husi AUSAID nomos agensia sira seluk.

objetivu prinsipal husi vijita kortegia ne’e mak atu hare fila fali koperasaun ne’ebe durante ne’e Governu Timor Leste halao ho governu Australia no tulun nebe ministeriu hetan governu australia nian.

Vice Ministra Saude Ana Isabel hatoo ninia agradese wain ba vijita ne’ebe halao husi Embaixador Australia ba Timor Leste ho ninia delegasaun nebe prontu suporta nafatin ministeriu saúde. Mesmu banku mundial liu husi NHSSP hapara ona ninia ajuda no supurta ba ministériu saúde, maibe Governu Australianu liu husi AUSAID sei prontu nafatin suporta Timor Leste liu husi kontinuasaun projetu balun nomos projetu foun balun nebe sei deskuti hamutuk iha tempu oin mai.

Aleinde deskute foka liu ba area teknika nian Sua Excelência Vice ministra saúde mos haktuir konaba servisu 100 diaz iha VI Governu Constitucional nebe halao tiha ona mak hanesan, estabelesementu no lansamentu Pakote Servisu Basiku hanesan KSP nebe lansa husi Primeiru Ministru, elaborasaun lei organiku foun ba ministeriu saúde liu husi organograma nebe agora dadaun estabelese mak hanesan uluk ministeriu saude iha Diresaun Geral ida maibe agora iha Diresaun Geral rua no seluk-seluktan.

Area koperasaun nebe ministeriu saude sei hetan husi AUSAID mak hanesan hadia jestaun Ambulansia, Officina mini iha Instituto Nacional Saude INS, Nutrisaun, kapasitasaun ba Jestaun finasas publiku, Rekursus Umanus liu husi RACKS sei halao mos kapasitasaun no formasaun ba médiko jeral sira hodi servi komunidade no povu timor leste.

Ana Isabel mos realsa katak iha tinan 2016 sei iha servisu lubuk nebe ministeriu saude halao mak hanesan vijita domilisiaria hodi bele estabelese profile no dadus saude familiar nomos veteranus nebe sei sai hanesan programa prioridade iha tinan 2016. tamba nee ministeriu saude presija tebes tulun husi doadores sira hodi bele apoiu iha programa nee.

Embaixador Australia ba Timor Leste hateten Governu Australia prontu nafatin tulun ministeriu saúde ba programa nebe mensiona nunee mos ba programa foun nebe sei tuir mai bazeia ba nesesidades ministeriu nian. Ministeriu saúde se kria ekipa ida hodi bele diskuti hamutuk ho doadores sira hodi bele trasa plano hamutuk bazeia ba nesesidade Governu Timor-Leste nian nunee la iha over lap ba orsamentu nebe planeadu.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Diskursu Vice Ministra Saude Iha Celebrasaun Loron Mundial La Fuma Tabaku, MSS (Ministeriu Solidariadade Social)31 Maiu 2015

Iha loron 31 maiu mundu tomak selebra loron mundial la fuma tabaku nunee iha tinan 2015, ministeriu saude hamutuk ho organizasaun saude mundial halao selebrasaun ida nee iha loron 29-30 maiu 2015 ho tema “ Hamutuk Ita Luta Kontra Tabaku no Hapara Komersiu Ilegal ba Produtu Tabaku Iha Timor-Leste”. No tema espesifiku; “ Liu Husi Hapara Fuma Tabaku Ita Prevene Moras Tensaun Ass, Stroke, Atakasaun fuan, Asma no Kankru”.

Aktividade nebe sei realiza mak workshop nasional luta kontra tabaku nebe halao loron ohin no aban sei kontinua ho marxa saudavel, Jinastika Nasional, Zumba, Poco-poco, screening masal ba tensaun ka sukat tensaun no kadi kakutak ho objetivu atu halo advokasia no sensibilzasaun ba autoridades nasionais, sociadade sivis, akademistas, media no komunidade sira hodi hapara fuma no promove hahalok moris saudavel hodi halo prevensaun ba moras kronika la hadaet nebe relasiona ho uza tabaku iha timor-leste.

Ministeriu saude mos halao kampanha anti tabaku iha media, no halao aktividades balun iha municipius sira mak hanesan promosaun saude iha eskola, sentru saude, radio komunidade no organiza marxa saudavel iha sira nia municipiu rasik.

Selebrasaun loron mundial la fuma tabaku ba tinan ida nee hanesan aktividade nebe halao husi kolaborasaun ho organizasaun mundial saude no gabinete primeiru ministru ho objektivu atu hasae konhesimentu no sensibilidade ba autoridades, seitor pribadu, sociadade sivil, komunidade, akademista, estudantes, juventude, jornalista nomos komunidade sira konaba impaktu husi tabaku ba saude publika, nunee mos enkoraza media sira atu bele servisu hamutuk ho ministeriu saude hodi kontribui diak liutan ba redusaun redus prevalensia uja tabaku no moras kronikas la hadaet iha timor-leste.

Hanesan ita hotu hatene katak, iha fulan setembru 2011, iha inkontru asembleia jeral nasoens unidas konaba moras la hadaet, membru sira hatoo sira nia komprimisiu no asaun konprensivu ho prevene no kontrola moras la hadaet.

Moras la hadaet mak grupu ba kondisaun sira nebe inklui moras kardiovaskular ka moras tensaun aas no atakasaun fuan, kankru, diabetes melitus, moras respiratoria kronika no entre moras seluk barak nebe karateriza husi sira nia kronisidade no la hadaet husi ema ida ba ema seluk. Proporsaun boot moras la hadaet bele prevene liu husi hadook an husi fator risku hanesan uja tabaku, dieta la saudavel, inatividade fizika, uza perigu ba alkohol no stress.

Hanesan parte kontinuasaun husi komprimisiu ida nee maka ministeriu saude Timor-Leste hahu halo asaun konkretu liu husi adopsaun no estabelese regulamentu publika nebe efetitivu no defini estratejia tuir situasaun saude Timor-Leste nian hahu kedas tinan 2013 nunee bele kontribui hodi halo prevensaun no kontrola ba moras la hadaet iha ita nia nasaun.

Hare ba dadus iha ita nia rain, prevalensia uju tabaku aktual entre ema sira ho idade tinan 15-49 tuir survey demografika ba saude iha, tinan 2009; hatudu katak mene 69.5 % ho feto 4.7 % mak fuma segaru, prevelensia nee hatudu katak ita nia populasaun tumador iha iha sexu mane ho idade> 15 anos aas liu ha rejiaun sudeste asiatiku.

Iha parte seluk, prevalensia uju tabaku atual entre adolesente tuir global youth tobacco survey hatudu katak mane foin sae entre idade tinan 13-15 iha 50.6 % mak fuma no feto foin sae 17.3 % mak fuma sigaru.

Maske iha timor-leste, numeru manufatura tabaku seidauk iha maibe tabaku oi-oin importa mai iha ita nia rain. Iha tinan kotuk 2013 organizasaun mundial no ministeriu saude tau atensaun makas ba “ Bandu ba Publisidade, Promosaun no no sponsor” liu husi komemorasaun loron mundial la fuma tabaku nunee mos ba tinan ida nee sei tau atensaun makas ba asuntu taxa tabaku, Komersiu illegal ba tabaku no kompanhia sensibilizasaun ba publiku no komunidade sira konaba efeitus husi tabaku ba saude publika.

Aproximasaun komprensiva ba promosaun saude engloba asaun koletiva husi ministerios relevantes no seitor hot-hotu, inklui mos sociadade civil, media, estudantes no komunidade sira hotu hodi nunee bele hametin abilidade no kapasidade ba ema ida-idak hodi hadiak sira nia saude nomos asaun sira nebe lori mudansa iha kondisaun social, meu-ambiente no ekonomiku nebe impaktu ba saude.

Ita nia estadu liu husi ministeriu saude intrega ona programa kontrolu tabaku hanesan programa prioridade prioridade, nunee esforsu balu ministeriu saude halao ona mak hanesan;

- Asina ona plataforma konvensaun ba kontrolu tabaku no ratifika iha tinan 2014
- produs dekretu lei numeru 9/2006 konaba avizus saude iha embaljen tabaku
- produs lejislasaun komprensivu ba kontrolu tabaku iha timor leste nebe submete ona ba konsellu ministru iha tinan 2015.
- Dezenvolve ona estrategia nasional ba kontrolu tabaku nebe integra hamutuk planu estratejiku ba kontrolu moras la hadaet iha tinan 2013
- Kampanha sensibilizasaun ba komunidade iha nivel nasional
no municipius
- promosaun ba hahalok moris saudavel iha fasilidade saude
- Halo ona lansamentu kampanha anti-tabaku iha media, nebe hahu desde 23 janeiru 2015
- Tinan ida nee ministeriu saude sei kontinua halo kampanha sensibilizasaun kontra tabaku ba komunidade sira, lansamentu ba zona livre tabaku iha fasilidade saude no instituisaun publika sira inklui seitor privadu
- Ministeriu saude kontinua servisu hamutuk ho ministerios relevantes, parceirus sira hotu inklui NGO sira, sociadade civil media no komunidade sira atu kontinua halo esforsu sira hanesan;

introdusaun komprensivu ba lezislasaun nebe relasiona ho tabaku hodi tau iha komprimisiu tuir konvensaun enkuadramentu konaba kontrola tabaku FCTC no obriga ninia implementasaun

- Hasae impostu konaba produtu tabaku inklui taxa importasaun
- Deklara fatin publiku hotu-hotu livre tabaku
- implementa ka proibisaun komprensivu ba iha publisidade tabaku iha no orgaun legal sira, patrosiniu no promosaun
- Bandu faan tabaku ba no husi otas sei kiik

hari sistema vijilansia tabaku nian hodi monitoriza ninia uju inklui entre adolsente sira.
Estabelese servisu hapara tabaku iha fasilidade saude sira
halao kampanhia midia hodi responde hasoru influensia husi industria tabaku no desenkoraja uja tabaku

Hau espera liu husi kolaborasaun seitor hot-hotu nian, bele kontribui halo redusaun ba numeru konsumidor tabaku iha timor leste, nunee mos proteje ita nia sidadaun sira, liu-liu jerasaun foun sira husi tabaku, nunee ita hamutuk promove moris saudavel.

Ministeriu saude hakarak aproveita selebrasaun loron mundial la fuma ba tinan ida nee hodi fo rekohesimentu espesial ba seitor privadu 28 iha nivel nasional no municipal, nebe ho sira vontade rasik estabelese ona area livre tabaku iha sira nia servisu fatin. Ministeriu saude sei hametin parseria ho ita boot sira, hodi nunee ita servisu hamutuk luta kontra tabaku iha timor-leste.
Agradese mos ba komisaun organizadora liu-liu diresaun nasional saude publika, Organizasaun saude mundial no Gabinete primeiru ministru nebe halo servisu diak hodi realiza eventu ida nee. Ami nia agradesimentu espesial ba S. E Primeiru Ministru RDTL VI Governu Konstitusional, maluk ministeriu relevantes, media no parseiru sira hotu nebe fo ona tempu hodi marka prezensa iha fatin ida nee.

Ministeriu saude hakarak konvida no enkoraja maluk sira hotu atu hamutuk ita luta kontra tabaku iha timor leste.
mensagem ikus nebe atu hato'o ba ita boot sira katak : 80 % husi prevensaun moras tensaun aas, stroke, atakasaun fuan, asma no kankru mak; presija promove hahalok moris saudavel liu husi ; hapara fuma tabaku, badinas halo ejersisiu fiziku, hapara konsumu tua redus han masin no konsumu aifuan no modo barak.

Hau deseiju loron diak no susesu ba ita boot sira hotu


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Abertura komemora Loron Mundial la Fuma Tabaku husi Primeiru Ministru RDTL VI Governu Konstitucional, Dr. Rui Maria de Araujo

Diskursu PM RDTL foto Carinton Salazar
Workshop Nasional luta kontra tabaku no advokasia ba prevensaun komersiu ilegal ba produtu tabaku iha timor leste no lansa livru relatoriu peskija global tabaku ba juventude tinan rihun rua sanulu resin tolu 2013.

Primeiru Ministru RDTL liman los, Vice Ministra da Saude klaran, Reprejentante WHO Timor leste
Entrega Certifikadu husi PM RDTL, Dr. Rui Maria de Araujo

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Press Release

Vice Ministra Saude komemora festa restaurasaun Independensia iha municipiu Viqueque nomos halao inagurasaun ba postu saude Afaloicai”

VI Governu Konstitusional liu husi Vice Ministra da Saude Dra. Ana Isabel Soares komemora Festa restaurasaun Independensia ba dala 13 iha munisipiu Viqueque 20/05/15. marka prejensa iha cerimonia nee mak populasaun husi munisipiu viqueque, joventudes, estudantes, nomos polisia nasional timor leste.
Dra. Ana Isabel iha ninia intervensaun hateten; kada individu ida-idak, nomos ba familia ida-idak kria pas no estabilidade iha povu tomak nia le’et no familia rasik. asegura no hametin liutan pas no estabilidade iha ita hotu nia leet.
Sorin seluk Julio Soares Diretor Servisu Saúde munisipiu Viqueque haktuir katak; serimónia restaurasaun loron 20 de Maio Timor-Leste ba dala 13 iha munisípiu Viqueque servisu saúde municipius mak hanesan prezidente komisaun organizadora ba loron restaurasaun 20 de Maio iha Munisípiu Viqueque.
Aleinde sai hanesan inspector ba cerimonia isar bandeira Vice ministra VI Governu Konstitusional halao mos atividade sira seluk mak hala’o hosi diresaun saúde ne’ebe mak hala’o vizita ba sentru saúde no postu saúde ne’ebe mak iha Lakluta iha loron 19 fulan Maio nomos enkontru ho komunidade sira ne’ebé mak iha Lakluta, no vizita mós ba postu saúde no sentru saúde sira seluk ne’ebe mak iha Munisípiu Viqueque.
Sorin seluk Antes halao serimónia ishar da bandeira ne’e hala’o vizita mós ba sentru da saúde internamentu da Viqueque nomos ho office NGO Marrie Stopes International ne’ebé mak ajuda durante ne’e iha municipiu Viqueque.
Vice ministra saude hamutuk ho komitiva halao mos visita ba aerodrome ne’ebé foin dadauk tinan liu ba prepara ona atu atende emergensia kuandu bainhira iha kazu emergensia ruma karik I bele kontaktu ho aviaun bele mai foti pasiente ne’ebe moras.
Vice Ministra da Saúde Dr. Ana Isabel ba inagura postu da saúde foun iha Suco Afaloicai Munisipiu Viqueque. I akompanha mós hosi Administrador postu administrativu Uatulari Munisípiu Viqueque.
Administrador Munisípiu Viqueque no Diretór Servisu Saúde munisípiu Viqueque No asisti mós hosi Xefe do Suco nain ne’en (6) mak hanesan Suco Liurai Makadiki, Matakoi, Waitame, Afaloicai, Babulu no Wesoru no reprezentante mos hosi populasaun sira hosi suco nain ne’en (6).
Hosi postu saúde foun ne’e, povu sira sente kontente tanba bele fó benefisio ba populasaun sira iha suco ne’ebe refere, tanba sira sente kontente ho postu saúde foun ne atu nune’e sira mos la susar atu hala’o tratamentu dook, tanba durante fulan hirak liu ba sira sente susar kuando atu halo tratamentu dok I hasoru difikuldade dalan ne’ebé mak ladiak no mós dalan ne’ebé dok teb-tebes.
Tomas Soares Da Silva nAdministrador Postu Administrativu Uatulari hateten sira nia postu sanitário foun ne’ebé mak iha Uatulari hosi suco Afaloicai ne’e sira sente agradece tanba atu bele kobre hela komunidade hosi suco Afaloicai nia saúde. karik komunidade sira iha suco ne’ebé refere atu halo tratamentu iha postu saúde atu nune’e bele kobra hela iha sentru saúde bele ba liu iha hospital.

 hafoin hala’o inagura postu saúde suco Afaloicai vice ministra da saúde kontinua la’o ba Baucau I hala’o vizita ba ospital referensia Baucau I mos hala’o enkontru ho funsionariu sira iha ospital referensia Baucau. MS