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Minister of Health RDTL Profile

Curriculum Vitae

Name:                  Dr. Nelson Martins         D.O.B    11-August-1970

Position:           Minister of Health  IV Constitutional Government of Timor-Leste
                                Adjunct Professor School of Medicine, University of Sydney, UNSW, Australia

Address:            Work – Edificio dos Servi;os Centrais, Rua de Caicoli
                                Home - Matadouro, Vila Verde
                                Dili, Timor-Leste
Work Tel.:        (+670) 3322467
Mobile:              (+670) 77230020
Email:        (private)

Dr Nelson Martins is currently occupying the position of Minister of Health and the President of National HIV/AIDS Commission of the Republic Democratic of Timor-Leste. In concurrent time serve as an Adjunct Professor at School of Medicine, University of Sydney, Australia.
He was the first Timorese Medical Doctor graduated with PhD from an internationally recognized Australian University, and had attended and presented many papers in various national and international conferences, seminars and workshops. He was engaged in planning, organizing and conducting various health research projects including the “First Randomized Control Trial on Food Incentives to improve Tuberculosis Treatment Compliance (FITTCET) in Dili Timor-Leste. The article has been widely publicised and earned a publication at the British Medical Journal BMJ in 2009.
He was one of the young Timorese doctors who rendered medical service during the conflict, emergency and transitional phases of East Timor government. Also, was one of thirty Timorese experts appointed to attend the World Bank First Joint Assessment Mission for East Timor, soon after the arrival of international community 1999.  He was the founding director of the National Tuberculosis Program (NTP), and former member of the Interim Health Authority during the United National Transition Government for East Timor (UNTAET).
From 2007- up to date, as a Health Minister , he had led the development various health strategies, policies, plans and actions, include Past-Mutin, Maternity Clinic, and  Multifunction Vehicle. Dr Nelson   is the Creator of SISCa ( Integrated Community Health Services) and a writer of a book title “Re-vitalization of Primary Health Care System in Timor-Leste through SISCa”.  He is also the leading actor in the development of Ministry of Health- Cabinet of Health Research and Development (CHRD), and leading policy maker and  actor in the process development and writing up the 20 years National Health strategic Plan (NHSP 2011-2030).

TERTIARY QUALIFICATIONS                              

PhD in Public Health & Medicine             MSHR- Charles Darwin University, Australia     2007

Master in Health Management                  University of Newcastle, Australia                         2002

Doctor of Medicine                                        University of Padjadjaran, Indonesia                    1998


Global Dean International,                          UNSW, Sydney Fellowship Award             2007- 2009

Post Doctoral Fellowship Program        Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin NT, Australia 2007. (Australian Leadership Award)

PhD Program Study                                      UNDP/World Bank/WHO 2003-2006
                                                                                at Menzies School of Health Research                  


Bowral, New South Wales, Australia
Three days course in using NVIVO for qualitative data analyses

WHO SEARO, New-Delhi, India
WHO-TDR “Writing Health Research proposal”

Menzies School of Health Research, Australia
Economics Short-course on Aboriginal health

Menzies School of Health Research, Australia
Short-course in Applied Biostatistics with STATA Software



Able to read, write, and speak fluently the following languages: Tetun, Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Portuguese (passive).



1.                  Representing Government to the UN Conference On Social Determinants Of Health, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil- 19-21October, 2011

2.                  Key Notes Speakers AMSA, Annual Conference, UNSW, NSW, Sydney, Australia, July 2011

3.                  Representing State to the UN High Level Meeting of HIV/AIDS 8-10 June, 2011. Made a country statement.

4.                  Representing Government to the Launch of Global Fund Friendship for Asia-Pacific, Sydney-Australia-2008.

5.                  Elected as Executive Member of the World Health Organization – Nominate Vice-Minister of Health as Permanent Member, 2010

6.                  Addressed the Challenges of Family Planning at the Regional Consultation Meeting on Family Planning in Asia and the Pacific, Thailand, 2010

7.                  Founder of the Health Research and Development Centre at the Ministry of Health, 2010

8.                  Vice-Chairman and Speaker on the Revitalization of Primary Health Care – Conference organized by the World Health Organization, Bangkok, 2009

9.                   SEARO-11 Health Minister Meeting; Kathmandu; Nepal 7-10 September 2009
10.              Policy-maker for the establishment of School of Nursing and Midwifery within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Timor Lorosa’e National University, 2009.

11.              Country Statement at the World Health Assembly, Switzerland, 2008

12.              Special editor of Taliti Health Journal, 2007-up to date

13.              Member of an Independent Results Assessment Group (IRAG) Fidelis, Paris, France. 2005 to present.

14.              Member of International Unions Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IUATLD). Paris, France. 1998-to present

15.              Founding Director of Timor Leste National Tuberculosis Control Program .2000

16.              Founding member of Faculty of Faculty of Public Health , University of Paz, Timor-Leste, 2002

17.              General Secretary of East Timor Health Professional Working Group 1999 – 2002

18.              General Secretary of East Timor Medical Association 2005-2007

19.              General Secretary of East Timor Labour Party  ( Partido Trabalhista) 2000 - 2007.

20.              Core Marchers (Member)  of The Global March Against Child Labour  1998 to the present.




Revitalisasaun Kuidadus Saude Primaria Iha Timor Leste Liu Husi Sisca. 1st  edition. Surabaya, 2011. PUBLISER TALITI.

Peer review Journal and Bulletin

1.                   Kayli Wild, Lesley Barclay, Nelson Martins and Paul Kelly. The Tirany of Distance : Maternity waiting homes and access to birthing facilities in rural Timor Leste. Bull WHO : Online 2011
2.                   Martins N, Trevena L. Taking health care to people in rural Timor Leste. SEARO NEWS LETTER, 2011
3.                   Kayli Wild, Lesley Barclay, Paul Kelly, Nelson Martins . Birth choices in Timor-Leste: A framework for understanding the use of maternal health services in low resource settings Social Science & Medicine, Volume 71, Issue 11, Pages 2038-2045 (sep2009)

4.                   Joao S Martins,corresponding author1,4 Anthony B Zwi,corresponding author1 Nelson Martins,1,2 and Paul M Kelly1,3.Malaria control in Timor-Leste during a period of political instability: what lessons can be learned? Confl Health. 2009; 3: 11. Published online 2009 December 16. doi:  10.1186/1752-1505-3-11
5.                   Martins N, Morris P, Kelly PM. Food Incentives to improve Tuberculosis Treatment Compliance (FITTCET). A Ramdomized Control Trial in Dili, Timor Leste. BMJ (accepted 2009) Food incentives to improve completion of tuberculosis treatment: randomised controlled trial in Dili, Timor-Leste BMJ 2009; 339 doi: 10.1136/bmj.b4248 (Published 26 October 2009) Cite this as: BMJ 2009;339:b4248
6.              Martins N , Grace J, Kelly PM. An ethnographic study of barriers to and enabling factors for tuberculosis treatment adherence in Timor Leste. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 2008 May;12(5):532-7. PMID: 18419889 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
7.                  Wayte K, Zwi AB, Belton S, Martins J, Martins N, Whelan A, Kelly PM.Conflict and development: challenges in responding to sexual and reproductive health needs in Timor-Leste. Reprod Health Matters. 2008 May;16(31):83-92.PMID: 18513610 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

8.                  Zwi AB, Martins J, Grove N.J., Wayte K., Martins N., Kelly PM. Timor Leste Health Sector Resilience Study – Timor Leste Health Sector Resilience and Performance in a time of instability. Sydney, The University of NSW. 2008$file/Resilience_Report.pdf

9.                  Heldal E, Araujo RM, Martins N, Sarmento J, Lopez C. Commentary- The case of East Timor. Bull WHO March, 2007

10.              Martins N, Heldal E, Sarmento J, Araujo RM, Rolandsen EB, Kelly PM. The development of DOTS programs in conflict-affected East Timor, 1996-2004. INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS 2006;10(9):975-981.

11.              Martins N, Kelly PM, Grace J, Zwi A. Reconstructing tuberculosis services after major conflict: experiences and lessons learned in East Timor.  PLOS MED, 2006 3(10): e383. DOI: 10.1371/journal: pmed.0030383.

12.              Amstrong PK, Kelly PM., Currie BJ, Martins, N., Dasari P, Krause V, Anstey, NM.  “Seroprevalence survey of Burkholderia pseudomallei in evacuees from East Timor and it implications for healthcare in that country. SE Asian J Trop Med Pub Hlth, November, 2005 36(6),1496-1502

13.              Snell B, Gomes L, Vital M, Dibley M, Belo OMF, Moon S, Malau C, Martins N. Health : Family Issues in Timor-Leste. In  Cooperating With East Timor: Option for good development practices. Development Bulletin, October 2005, 68: 90-94.

14.              Snell B, Martins N, Malau C,  Belo OMF, Lidia Gomes, Vital M, Moon S. Strengthening Health Systems in Timor-Leste. In Cooperating with East Timor: Option for good development practices. Development Bulletin, October 2005, 68: 95-98.

15.              Snell B, Martins N, Hoy D,  Belo OMF, Lidia Gomes, Vital M, Malau C, Moon S. Cross sectoral responses to health for all in Timor-Leste : In Cooperating with East Timor: Option for good development practices. Development Bulletin, October 2005, 68: 99-102.

16.              Kayli Wild, Lesley Barclay, Nelson Martins, Paul Kelly (2011) Policy transfer in development: Setting the maternal health policy agenda in Timor-Leste. HEAPOL-2011-May-0183 : (Submitted 2011)

17.               Martins N*, Varkey S#, Yuwono S## ,Freitas C**, Cunha M**, Costa J**, Docarmo A# Responding to Measles Outbreak:  Closing the Immunity Gap in children of Timor-Leste. SEA-Journal of Public Health (accepted 2011)

18.               Martins N, Trevena Lyndal. Can primary health care revitalisation be implemented? A developing country example from Timor-Leste". (Ready to Submit 2012)

19.               Martins N, Hawkins Z. Strengthening health systems in developing countries: the establishment of the first health research institution in post-conflict Timor-Leste:  Journal (Health Research Policy and Systems) (accepted 2011)


20   Martins N, Kelly PM,  Zwi A. Sustaining TB Control in Ongoing Conflict in East Timor. Abstract Book: 38th Union World Health Conference on Lung Health. INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS, 2007
21   Martins N, Morris P, Halphin S, Kelly PM. Adverse events during tuberculosis treatment in a high burden setting. Abstract Book: 38th Union World Health Conference on Lung Health. INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS, 2007
22   Martins N, Grace J, Kelly PM. An ethnographic study of the impact of local knowledge and attitudes on TB control in East Timor. Abstract Book: 38th Union World Health Conference on Lung Health. INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS, 2007
23   Kelly PM, Martins N, Halphin S, Morris P. Food incentives to improve TB treatment outcomes: results of a randomised controlled trial in Timor-Leste. Abstract Book: 38th Union World Health Conference on Lung Health. INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS, 2007
24   Martins N, Zwi A, Guterres A, Martins J, Kelly PM. In the Shadows of Political Conflict in East Timor:  Coping and Sustainability of the National   TB Control Program”. Abstract Book: Monash University Health in Transition Conference, 26-27 June, 2007.
25   Martins N, Grace J, Morris P. Kelly PM. The outcome of three and half years an operational research on tuberculosis control program in East Timor. A Transdiciplinary Studies on the East Timor National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP-TL). East Timor Medical Journal: Hippocrates, August 2006, 1.pp.7-10.
26   Martins N, Kelly PM, Grace J, Zwi A.  The Reconstruction of Tuberculosis Services after major conflict: The Experience from East Timor. Abstract Book: 36th Union World Health Conference on Lung Health. INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS, 2005 11(9): S42.
27   Sarmento J, da Costa G, da Costa F, Martins N, Araujo R, Heldal E, Kelly P, Krause V, Zweck N. Tuberculosis control in an emergency situation: the case of East Timor.  INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS, 2001; 5 (11 suppl): S244.


28  Martins N et al. Servico Integrado Saude Communitario (SISCa). Guia de Implementasaun. Dep Promosaun Saude. Ministerio Saude. Primeira edisaun. 2008

29              Martins N et al. DOTS-PLUS. National Tuberculosis Control Programme Timor Leste. Guidelines. NTP-CDC. Ministry of Health RDTL. First Edition.2008

30              Martins N et al. National Tuberculosis Control Programme Timor Leste. Manual. NTP - CDC-Ministry Of Health RDTL. Third Edition. Jan 2008.

31              Martins N. 2006. Operational Research on Tuberculosis Control Program in East Timor: Transdisciplinary Research Documenting the Introduction of the DOTS Strategy and Investigating Factors Contributing to Patient’s Adherence to Tuberculosis Treatment. Institute of Advance Studies: Charles Darwin University.2006. PhD Thesis.

32              Martins N et al .National Tuberculosis Control Programme Timor Leste. Manual. NTP – Caritas Dili-Ministry Of Health RDTL. First Edition. Jan 2000.


33              Parkkali L, Martins N. Independent Results Assessment Group (IRAG) Fidelis. Project: Strengthening DOTS Services in selected urban and peri-urban areas of Bangladesh by involving corporate and private sectors, and community health volunteers. Bangladesh, February 13 to 17, 2006. Final Report, March 2006
34              Martins N. The Performance of the National Tuberculosis Control Program, MoH-RDTL. Dili, East Timor, September.2006. Progress Performance Report
35              Martins N. The Evaluation of TB Satellites Clinics in the Post Conflict Country of East Timor. Uh’daramo Foundation, Dili, Timor-Leste, 2005. Final Report
36              Silva DD, Guterres A, Martins J, Soares AB, Martins N, De Jesus RP, Pinto JT, Grace J, Kelly P. The knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) on Malaria in East Timor. 2004 (Final Report, MOH-East Timor)
37              Martins N: Local TB Manager Experience: Managing TB Control Program in the Conflict and Post conflict setting In Timor Leste: Ideas for Discussion: Presenting To the Seminar on Local Health Manager in Difficult Environment: Lesson Learned; Unusual Success; And a Way Forward. The Burnet Institute Melbourne, Australia 17th -19th April, 2000
38              Martins N. ‘The incidence of Carcinoma Hepatis Primer in Hasan Sadikin Hospital, 1992. Retrospective epidemiology study. Padjdjaran University press, Bandung, 1995. Minor thesis for Bachelor of Medicine.


1.                   President of National AIDS/HIV Commission 2007 to the Present. Leading the establishment of the office , the development of organic law; the  establishment of office secretariat; the provision of funding and recruitment of staff.
2.                   President of National Commission for Controlling Disease Out-Break, Ministry of Health 2009 to Present. With an Expertise in Infection Disease  lead the team in controlling and containment of H1N1 Epidemia 2009; Dengue Outbreak 2010; Measles out-break 2011.
3.                   Supervisor of Australian Endeavour award from School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine- University of Sydney, Australia.
4.                   Co-Supervisor of 1 PhD Student from Menzies School of Health Research with Professor Paul Kelly as Principal Supervisor, 2004-2010, NT, Australia
5.                   Research Fellow (post-doctoral):  The School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW, Sydney, Australia, March 2007 to the present.
6.                   Research Fellow (post-doctoral): Menzies School of Health Research, NT Darwin, Australia: January – February 2007
7.                   Principal Supervisor Under gradtuate Public Healt Students Faculty of Public Health, UNPAZ, Timor Leste
8.                   Co-supervisor 2 Master Degree Students from Menzies School of Health Research 2004. Darwin, NT, Australia
9.                   TB and Medical Consultant: for Independent Result Assessment Group (IRAG) to assess  Fidelis- IUATLD project titled: Strengthening DOTS Services in selected urban and peri-urban areas of Bangladesh by involving corporate and private sectors, and community health volunteers”, Bangladesh : 13 to 17 February 2006
10.               TB- Consultant: Short-term contract as a national consultant for the NTP- MOH, RDTL. Dili, Timor-Leste:  September 2006
11.               Medical Consultant for Motael Clinic. Dili, Timor-Leste (2005 to 2006)
12.               Honorary Lecturer and Researcher: Faculty of Public Health, Universidade Da Paz, Dili Timor-Leste, 2004 – to the present.
13.               Lecturer: Faculty of Public Health, Universidade Da Paz, Dili Timor-Leste, 2003-2004
14.               Management Consultant: part-time work for Minister of Health, RDTL – Health Management Information System. Timor-Leste ( March, 2004)
15.               TB and Medical Consultant: Represent Minister of Health to the external IUATLD mid-term evaluation to East Timor NTP. Dili, Timor-Leste, March, 3-14, 2003
16.               TB physician and Director:  National TB Control Program – Caritas Dili, Timor-Leste: January –September 2000
17.               Medical Coordinator: Represent CNRT to the health sector to the World Bank Joint Assessment Mission I. Dili -East Timor, October 1999..
18.               Medical Officer: 24 hours clinic, Cicalengka Clinic, Jatinanggor, West-Java, Indonesia: April to August 1998.
19.               TB physician and Coordinator: Health  Division- Caritas East Timor, Dili, Timor-Leste: September 1998-2000
20.               TB Program Coordinator: Represent Caritas East Timor the external IUATLD Mid-external Evaluation of Caritas TB Program. Dili, Timor-Leste, 1998.
21.               Young Medical Officer: Yayasan Masyarakat Sehat, Cicaheum, Bandung, West-Java, Indonesia 1995-1998

22.               1995: Work as an activist for child labor right and medical officer for the local based child labor organization. Bandung, Indonesia.
23.               January-February, 1998: Work as medical officer for “Global March against child Labour” in Phillipines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
24.               April, 1998: Facilitator and medical officer for National Labor/Workers Conference in Lembang, West-Java, Indonesia.
25.               August-November, 1998: Appointed as Medical Officer and coordinator for FALINTIL-CNRT responsible for region-IV. Timor-Leste
26.               November 1998-September1999. Chief of Caritas East Timor Voluntary Group with 200 members providing medical and humanitarian assistance to displace person during internal conflict in preparation for referendum, after the result and before the arrival of international establisation force. Timor Leste
27.               January 1999, appointed as CNRT-FPI in country- Health Department Coordinator. Responsible to consolidate workforce and seeking financial and medical resources to served population and FALINTIL living in cantonment. Timor-Leste
28.               September, 1999. Appointed as CNRT health coordinator responding to emergency situation after the announcement of the result referendum. Timor Leste
29.               October – December 1999, Appointed as CNRT Health Expert and Advisor for health sector development program during the emergency period. Timor Leste



1.                  Public Lecture : Qualitative study of barriers to and enabling factors for tuberculosis treatment adherence in Timor Leste. UNDANA University, KUPANG,NTT, INDONESIA 8th of December 2011. INDONESIA

2.                 Public Lecture : TAKING HEALTH CARE CLOSER TO PEOPLE, STIKES-KUPANG, NTT, Indonesia, December 2011. INDONESIA

3.                 Public Lecture : Revitalisation Primary Health Care and TB-FITTCET Study. Escola Tecnico Superior de Lisboa, October 2011. PORTUGAL

4.                 Public Lecture : The Journey of Nation for Better Health, school of Blomberg, John Hopkins University, Washinton DC, USA, 2011. UNITED STATE OF AMERICA

5.                  Key note speakers at Faculty of Medicine and Health Science-UNTL  annual scientific conference , Hotel Timor : Moving Toward Evidence Basd Health Policy. TIMOR LESTE

6.                   Participants. Global Health Council Conference . Securing a healthier future in changing world. June, 13-17, Washington DC 2011. UNITED STATE OF AMERICA
7.                   Lunch Time Presentation. Leading Priorities For Health Systems Strengthening in East Timor; Bloomberg School of Public health, John Hopkins University, Washington DC 13th June 2011. UNITED STATE OF AMERICA
8.                   Invited Speaker. Revitalize Primary Health Care in Timor Leste : Servisu Integradu Saude Comunitaria (SISCa) Present to the 1st Scientific Journey And Cultural Evening, UNTL, Dili Convention Center, 17 May 2011. TIMOR-LESTE
9.                   Invited Speaker. WHO Conference on Primary Health Care; Bangkok Thailand; 20-22 October; 2009. THAILAND
10.               Invited Speaker. The Perspectives of the MDGs toward Reproductive Health, Youth Pregnancy and Sexual Education. National Conference on Reproductive Health, Family Planning, and Sexual Education. GPTML-UNFPA, 11-13 July. Dili, 2010. TIMOR-LESTE
11.               Invited Speaker. UNTL-VICTORIA UNIVERSITY, TL-AUSLTRALI Conference. “The Journey of Nation for Better Health “10 Years reflection and achievement of the development of health sector 1999-2009”. AUSTRALIA
12.               Dinner Time Speech.  The Australian Chinese Medical Association Annual Meeting . Participants, Melbourne 2009. AUSTRALIA
13.               Presenter. UNSW presentation: The Current Challenges and Achievement of Timor-Leste Health Sector, 2008. AUSTRALIA
14.               Invited Speaker. LlOWY Institute. The Epidemiology of TB/HIV/Malaria and The Challenges of Timor-Leste as a Post Conflict Country in managing and administrating the FUND, 2008.  AUSTRALIA
15.               Lunch Time Dialogue. Sydney University Presentation: Ethnography Study on TB and the Current Achievement and Challenges of Timor-Leste Health System. 2008. AUSTRALIA
16.               Presenter. Seminars on “Local Health Manager in Difficult Environment”, 17th – 19th April 2007, Burnet Institute, Melbourne. AUSTRALIA
17.               Presenter. October 2007: Victoria University Workshop. The Timor-Leste Health System and its Challenges. AUSTRALIA
18.               Presenter. The results of 3, 5 years Operational Research on Tuberculosis Program in Timor–Leste. Health Services and Research Seminar, MSHR, Darwin, Australia, June 21st, 2006
19.               Presenter. In the Health Research Symposium; “Building Research Infrastructure in East Timor”, Title Presented: A Randomized Control Trial of Food Incentive for Tuberculosis Treatment Compliance in East Timor. A presentation of preliminary study results. UNPAZ, Dili, Timor-Leste, June, 2005
20.               Invited Speaker, Facilitator and Moderator. To the East Timor - Melbourne Conference: “Cooperating With East Timor”. Option for Good Development.  Title Presented: 1. Tuberculosis Control Program in East Timor; 2. Health Sector Development and the Role of International Development Assistance in East Timor. Victoria University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, June 17 –18, 2005
21.               Co-facilitator for the two days TB diagnostic training for Physician in Dili, Timor-Leste, 2005
22.               Moderator for the scientific session of the first congress of East Timor Medical Association “, Dili, Timor-Leste, 2005
23.             Invited Speaker to the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, 36th conference. Title Presented: “Working together to reconstruct TB services after Major Conflict. The experience of East Timor”,  Palais da Congress, Paris,  18-22 October, 2005. FRANCE
24.               Invited speaker to the East Timor Student Association (ETSA), Victoria University Seminar. Title presented: “The magnitude of Tuberculosis in East Timor, Current & Future Challenges”. Fitzroy Community Centre, Melbourne, Australia, March 2004
25.               Presenter. Post-Conflict Conflict Symposium in NSW-University. Title presented: The establishment of TB services after major conflict of East Timor (a preliminary research finding), Little Bay Campus, the University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, Australia, August 2004
26.               Participant. Attending 10 days Peace-work workshop in the Eden Park, Davao. Argument Brought forward: “Accessibility to TB services is a human right issue both during and after the conflict of East Timor. Increasing accessibility for Tb services will rule-out cultural violent, cure TB and enhance patient well-being. Necessary condition for promoting peace”, Mindanao, 2004.  PHILIPPINES
27.               Invited speaker to the 36th Asia - Pacific Consortium for Public Health (APACH) Conference. Title presented: “The successfully reconstruction of Tb health services after major conflict in East Timor”. The Carlton Crest Hotel, Brisbane, Australia, November 30th to December 3, 2004
28.               Presenter. PhD Research Proposal Presentation for the Menzies mid-day seminars at Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin, Australia, 2003. Title: The operational research of Tuberculosis Control Program in East Timor
29.               Participant. East Timor, Interim Health Authority representative to the Australasian Sexual Health Conference, Australia, Darwin, 21-24 June 2000
30.               Co-Presenter. Caritas East Timor representative to the CI/CIDSE Conference on Tuberculosis and AIDS, Wuezburg,  February 1999 ( Co- Presenter). GERMANY
31.               Visiting Work on Community based health service and AIDS program in Manila, Philippines, 1999
32.               Caritas East Timor representative to the Caritas International Meeting, Darwin,  Australia, October 1999
33.               CNRT representative on health sector to the “Donors’ meeting for East Timor”, Tokyo, 15-17 December 1999. JAPAN
34.               Caritas East Timor representative to the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IUATLD) Conference on Tuberculosis and Lung Health, Bangkok, November 1998. THAILAND



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